Joe Satriani’s Suit Against Coldplay Flies Out Of Court

noah | September 16, 2009 1:30 pm

Apparently Joe Satriani’s lawsuit over the similarities between his 2004 track and Coldplay’s megahit from last year “Viva La Vida” has been settled, as the suit was dismissed earlier this week. A few legal types have suggested to Billboard that money might have changed hands, which I guess will ease Satriani’s sting over Coldplay not being forced to apologize for what they’ve done. Relive the days when lawsuits ruled these two parties’ world with John P. Strohm’s thoughts on the case, or embeds of the two tracks after the jump.

Coldplay, Satriani Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed [Billboard; HT Mick Stingley] Earlier: The Idolawyer On Whether Or Not Coldplay Can Fly Away From Joe Satriani’s Lawsuit