I Knew That Having Ida Maria On The Perez Hilton Tour Would Be A Bad Idea

noah | September 17, 2009 11:00 am

The fierce Norwegian rocker Ida Maria had a meltdown on stage at the woefully undersold Boston installment of Technicolor-haired Internet scourge Perez Hilton’s tour the other night. Somehow the bottom-feeding blogger himself hasn’t mentioned this yet! But other people who were there have accounts of the evening and video. From Christine Cassis of The Daily Free Press:

Despite the fact that most, if not all of the artists have been touring their home countries –– most artists are from overseas –– for the past year, and anyone who reads any sort of music news would know some of their names, Perez continues to promote his gig as a musical experience worth the $30plus price tag, because it will expose you to a whole “new” world or music. I’d beg to differ. And I’m sure the mere 250 people who attended the event at the House of Blues would agree, especially once co-headliner Ida Maria had a melt-down during song one-and-a-half, rendering her unable to perform the rest of her set. The Norwegian rocker seemed less-than-impressed by the dwindling crowd as she took the stage (the three-story music venue can hold more than 2,400 people). She pouted her way through her first tune, refusing to sing the last two lines on the song, and opting, instead, to have a pow-wow with her guitarist, who pleaded with her to continue the performance under hushed mics. As she led into her second song, the singer put down her own guitar and stood facing the audience folding her arms with an un-entertained, unenthusiastic, “I could care less” look written all over her face, before storming off mid-song leaving her band clueless. After a brief period of confusion, the stage managers reeled out a screen from which the audience could watch music videos. Already angry concert goers booed as Kanye graced the screen. Management were quick to replace his video with Janet, Madonna and of course, Taylor Swift. Later, Maria would return from her fit back stage to apologized in broken English. … While the concert did tend to drag at the end of the night –– Ladyhawke was seemed to be trying to make up for Maria’s too-shot performance –– three out of four isn’t bad. Overall it was a fun night, despite the small crowd, tears on stage and the fact that the host, Perez, was nowhere in sight during the show’s blunders. As of press-time no apology and/or refund has been mentioned to make up for the co-headliner, Maria’s, performance, or lack there of.

Here’s video of the performance: Sigh, and ugh. I hope Ida gets well soon (reports are claiming that she was drunk during the tour’s Washington, D.C. stop, although Perez kept it classy by saying that he wanted to get lit too). Talk about someone who deserves better all around, you know? (Especially when it comes to ticket sales—Perez’s “brand” can barely fill a club 15%! Yipes.) She was replaced by pop singer Kat DeLuna on last night’s New York show.The queen’s (not so) royal jubilee [Daily Free Press]Ida Maria was drunk in DC, had a meltdown in Boston (video), was replaced by Cat Deluna @ Perez Hilton show in NYC [Brooklyn Vegan]