Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Would Like To Say That He Has Nothing To Say About The Possibly Upcoming Guns N’ Roses Tour

noah | September 17, 2009 5:00 pm

Last week, news that Guns N’ Roses might rouse themselves from their long slumber and tour Asia later this year lit up the Internet, and Universal Music Japan even got into the act by posting Japanese tour dates on its Web site. What does newish Guns recruit Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal have to say about all this? According to a post on his forum, it could be summed up in three words, two of which are “I” and “know.”

Hundreds of people have been writing, wanting to know about GNR’s future touring plans. I’m not the guy to ask about ongoing bizz – if anyone, you’d have to ask GNR management about future plans, but please understand that if they haven’t officially announced plans, they’re not going to do it through personal emails. As for me, I’m not at business meetings with booking agents, promoters, venues, sponsors, and *I don’t want to be*. Being the guitarist in GNR is enough, not going to open the door to managerial duties. If GNR management confirmed that everything did-or-did-not work out to make any shows happen, and I was 100% sure that I had the confirmed final developments on things, and if it wouldn’t screw up how GNR wanted to announce things, only then would I comment. Anything sooner than that would be spreading information prematurely and could be setting up fans for disappointment, and could affect the outcome of deals that were still being worked on. When GNR management is able to confirm anything, they will do it, in the way they feel is best, when they feel the time is right. Until then, think about other things. Build a cardhouse. Fry an egg. Read a book by a tree. When GNR management is ready to announce accurate definite information, they will.

Something tells me that maybe he should suggest people fry a tree, since that might be the amount of time needed to actually sort all this stuff out. Message to GNR fans asking about GNR tour plans… [Bumblefoot via GNR Daily]