Megadeth Comes To Jimmy Fallon, Leaves Its Sound Guy Somewhere Outside

noah | September 18, 2009 9:30 am

I was going to write “what better way to start off the Friday of the first post-summer workweek than with some Megadeth,” and while the Dave Mustaine-led metal outfit’s performance of “Head Crusher” from their just-out-this-week album Endgame has some pretty amazing guitar work, the vocals are mixed in a way that leaves something to be desired. Still, the opening riff sounds pretty great, and it certainly put a jolt into my Friday morning! Clip after the jump.

Here is the song’s official video, which brings to mind a more “we live in the apocalypse” take on the clip for “Wake Up Dead”:
Well, the vocals sound better here. And the video has a Metroid-ish twist! MEGADETH Late-Night Head Crusher – Endgame [YouTube] (NEW)Megadeth – Headcrusher OFFICIAL VIDEO! [YouTube] Megadeth [Official site]