Who Cares About The Sugababes Split Rumors When There Might Be A New Siobhan Donaghy Record To Look Forward To?

noah | September 18, 2009 1:00 pm

So there is a rumor that Amelle Berrabah has left pop trio the Sugababes just as they were on the cusp of breaking in the States, and that her replacement would be Jade Ewen, who sang this year’s UK entry in the Eurovision contest. So far just one British magazine is reporting it—as something that’s off-the-record and only “confirmed” via lack of denials—but there is some actual real news to come out of all this:

According to a just-published interview with British style rag PonyStep, former Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy, the first member to exit through the group’s revolving door, has completed her hiatus from music and is now working on a follow-up to her stunning 2007 record Ghosts. Hooray! OK, so it might take a while, but still. Also Donaghy wants everyone to know that lone remaining original member Keisha Buchanan “never wanted me in that band and made my life a living hell.” (That was actually how I found this piece—it was linked from the Heatworld piece exploding this rumor. And the interview came out yesterday! How prescient, PonyStep. How prescient.)Siobhan Donaghy – The one that got away. [PonyStep]Sugababes story [Popjustice]