Taylor Swift Is Sick Of Talking About The Video Music Awards, But Lil Mama Sure Isn’t

noah | September 21, 2009 11:00 am

Unsurprisingly, the news cycle of Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 Video Music Awards stretched into a second week, with some morning-radio DJ pressing and pressing the issue during an interview with Swift while she primly asked him to please talk about something, anything else. He, being of the clueless mook ilk, refused, so finally, instead of letting him finish—during which the DJ was apparently going to ask Swift for a psychological evaluation of the design-conscious MC—she basically handed the phone to her publicist and said “you deal with him, because I sure don’t want to anymore.” This is the same young lady who everyone felt needed rescuing a scant eight days ago? Seems like she has at least some moxie. Clip after the jump.

Is her refusal to talk about the whole thing another sign that it was a setup? Note how tight-lipped she gets when that whole possibility comes up! (Sorry, keeping up with this particular story for so long has made me start seeing conspiracies everywhere.) Although whatever idiot in the zoo crew said that the VMAs were the only reason people cared about Swift needs a whack across the nose with a copy of any one of these magazines. Meanwhile, Lil Mama, whose run-in with Jay-Z last week proved to be much less memorable than the Kanye kerfuffle, has released a freestyle allegedly about the incident (although the only thing that’s really notable about it in a VMA context seems to be the intro): Oh Lil Mama. If only that DJ had your number!Taylor Swift Interview-MJ Morningshow -MJ is Annoying- [YouTube] [WSHH via Rap-Up]