Lloyd And Lil Wayne Are Drug Buddies

noah | September 23, 2009 11:30 am

The collaborations between Martian MC Lil Wayne and silky-smooth singer Lloyd have never ceased to thrill me, so when I heard the news that Weezy had added himself to Lloyd’s girls-as-drugs metaphor “Pusha” I got really excited. And the song mostly delivers, with Lloyd’s lighter-than-air voice and Wayne’s twisted rhymes meshing well enough to make me hope that their “Best Of Both Worlds” all-collabo album will eventually be a reality. Oh, also? The final mastered version punctuates the unfortunate line about Kurt Cobain with a gunshot. Yes. (Lil Wayne thankfully eschews Nirvana-frontman references in favor of talking about drugs a lot. Thank God for small favors, right?) Clip after the jump.

Feel free to enjoy my favorite earlier collabs of theirs below. “Girls Around The World”


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