If “American Idol” Rankings Tank Next Season, Expect Kara And Randy To Start Working Blue

noah | September 23, 2009 2:00 pm

The Czech TV giant TV Nova has figured out a way to get people to tune into its show “virally,” and it doesn’t even involve a Kanye West run-in! They’re letting their judges’ freak flags fly, leaving their profanity-laced barbs at the hopefuls uncensored—even though the show runs during the state-mandated pre-10 p.m. “family time.” The Wall Street Journal notes that this new turn toward fast-and-loose language has coincided with a ratings boom for the program! Hmm. Hmm!

The show is simultaneously aired on Markiza, the CETV-owned leading television station in Slovakia. The repackaged Idol Show has already won its followers. The 2009 record audience of 1.76 million or 55% viewers aged between the age of fifteen and 55 tuned in to watch the prime time Sunday pre-recorded auditions for the Czecho-Slovak Idol on TV Nova, Czech Mlada Fronta Dnes, or MFD, daily newspaper reported Tuesday (a Czech language article here). It’s unclear how many Slovaks watched the show aired at the same Sunday time on Markiza. However, it is clear that TV Nova may face a hefty fine for failing to cut the obscene or even vulgar reportedly used by at least two judges, a Czech rock singer and Slovak pop musician, on the show’s panel, MFD reported. Czech broadcasting regulations ban television and radio stations from airing obscenities vulgarities before 10 p.m. Czecho-Slovak Idol is aired from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Oh boy. I can just see it now: The audition episodes featuring the always-present “hopefuls with a sex tape or two”—only this time, Ryan Seacrest isn’t afraid to talk about or show them! Uncensored Alexis Cohen rants in her inevitable “R.I.P.” montage! Randy Jackson finally retiring “pitchy” for “shitty” and “dawg” for “fuckface”!A Recipe for A TV Hit: Swear A Lot, Stretch the Format [WSJ] [Pic of Antonella Barba (remember her?) via The Phoenix]