Ke$ha: What Would Happen If You Crossed Katy Perry, L’Trimm, And A Really Bad Goldschlager Hangover

noah | September 25, 2009 11:00 am

The woman who sang the hook for Flo Rida’s Dead Or Alive-biting “comeback” single “Right Round” goes by the name of Ke$ha—not sure how the dollar sign affects the pronunciation, but let’s just say that it makes the “e” long—and she’s releasing her first solo single, “TiK ToK” (sic), as a prelude to her inevitable album. Ke$ha’s rapping style is actually copped straight from the L’Trimm catalog, and her singing voice has a tendency to break out into AutoTuned yodeling. (Yes. Yodeling. Jewel, so much to answer for.) “TiK ToK” starts with her declaring that she feels like P. Diddy in the ayem before progressing into very generic “woo party” lyrics. Which is probably why it’s going to turn into the “I Kissed A Girl” of the fall/winter, and which is why you need to be warned about it now. Clip after the jump. Oh, and you know what else? She’s guested on a song by Mickey Avalon. Who is apparently still making records. Something else to look forward to! Ke$ha – Tik Tok [YouTube] Ke$ha [MySpace]