Navigating Your Way Through This Week’s New Releases, From Madonna To Miranda

noah | September 28, 2009 3:00 pm

Tomorrow’s release-date schedule is pretty glutted with albums that—gasp!—might get people to actually spend money on music, from Madonna’s latest greatest-hits collection to new albums by the spunky likes of Miranda Lambert and Paramore. In order to help you navigate through this week, might I suggest a friendly game of Buy/Download/Kill, in which each album receives one of the three fates outlined by the game’s title? My personal preferences after the jump. BUY Mariah Carey, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. Hey, it’s only $5.99 at Amazon, so why not? Miranda Lambert, Revolution. My favorite Nashville spitfire comes back, slightly bruised, still brazen. Paramore, Brand New Eyes. My personal affection for them aside, you have to admit that in the ever-more-male world of rock and roll it’s nice that there’s a female-fronted band out there that can completely blaze. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Through The Devil Softly. Because we should still be giving thanks to her rich, velvety voice. DOWNLOAD Alice In Chains, Black Gives Way To Blue. As someone who owns all of the Staley-era back catalog, I pretty much have to at least check out this first album with new lead singer William DuVal. If he can nail those harmonies with Jerry Cantrell, he’s golden. Ghostface, The Wizard Of Poetry. Many are skeptical of the Wu-Tang member’s foray into R & B, but Christopher R. Weingarten says that a decent rap album is lurking within, so… Madonna, Celebration. Just to be sure that you didn’t miss out on having crucial second-tier hits like “Frozen” and “Beautiful Stranger.” Barbra Streisand, Love Is The Answer. Never too early to load up the “music you can discuss with your extended family at the holidays” arsenal. V/A, More Than A Game. Upgrade to “buy” if you own any LeBron James-related paraphernalia. V/A, Whip It!. The soundtrack to Drew Barrymore’s roller-derby film is not unlike a pretty decent mixtape, what with the Breeders, “Jolene,” the Go! Team, and “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” all on its track listing. KILL Karen O And The Kids, Where The Wild Things Are. Just what we needed: More indie types obsessing over their stunted emotional growth. La Roux. Downgraded from “download” thanks to her “shut up, college” persona. On The CD Front [Pause & Play] Earlier: Week Of Nov. 21, 2008