“Rolling Stone” Holds Senior Portrait Day For Bono And The Edge

noah | September 30, 2009 12:00 pm

I can see the discussion now: “Guys, we have to appeal to the youth market with this cover. Give them something… relatable.” “Fuck, can’t we just run another Jonas Brothers cover instead? That one guy’s getting married… that could be some Smoking Section.” “No, we have to save that. Never know when music might take another nosedive and we might get desperate.” “Lambert?” “November.” “We could put him on the cover from now until then, you know.” “You’re talking to someone who had a dream about Taibbi writing a piece on how he’d single-handedly save the consumer economy with a fashion line. But it won’t work.” “Shit.” “…” “Well, what do the kids like these days? Aside from floppy black hair?” “Dunno.” “Shit.” And so it goes, until someone gets the bright idea to dust off the old Lisa Frank-designed solar-system backdrop that Motley Crue balked at 22 years ago. U2 Live From Outer Space: The New Issue of Rolling Stone [RS]