Andrew WK Will Not Take You To Church

noah | September 30, 2009 5:00 pm

Motivational partier / nascent meteorologist Andrew WK just embarked on a short tour with the contemporary classicists the Calder Quartet, and he’s moved two of the shows (in Washington, D.C., and Toronto) from churches to other venues. Any other artist out there would just have moved the shows and been done with it, but Andrew explained his decision to move the shows in his inimitable way:

“I am truly sorry for any inconvenience experienced by those who already purchased tickets for the D.C. and Toronto shows. I sincerely hope you’re able to attend at the new venues. A couple days ago I had a really intense personal experience and it made it very clear to me that I cannot and should not play in religious buildings on this tour. Please understand, I have nothing against religion or temples of any kind. In fact, I love going to churches and hearing music there – but I can’t play my music there after what happened the day before yesterday. The best I can do to describe my experience, is to say that the world opened up to me, and I received it, as Spirit and Love and of course, a lot of fun and pleasure. It was a sexual feeling, and I just didn’t feel right about bringing that into a holy place, like a church or synagogue. My choice to move the venues is out of respect for this feeling, for myself and my body, and for the buildings themselves. Fortunately, even though this was all last minute, we were able to keep the tour more or less intact, and will still play every city or region, as planned. Once again, I’m really sorry for any trouble this causes, but it was something I felt very strongly about. Thank you always for your love and belief in the feelings I work to bring you.”

Ah, church-related guilt. I know it all too well. In related news, Andrew’s 2001 debut I Get Wet made Pitchfork’s Top 200 Albums Of The 2000s list—which we’ll be getting to once the top album has been revealed on Friday, because who’s going to critique a half-done list even if I already know beyond belief that Annie’s Anniemal is way too low—at No. 144, and our own Jess Harvell wrote it up. [Andrew WK]