Riders 2009: Where Have All The Demands For Brown M&Ms Gone?

noah | October 8, 2009 1:30 pm

The UK pop-gossip newsletter Popbitch did a survey of artists’ tour riders for its latest edition, and it found something sort of sad: The demands of bands were kind of boring! “Even Lady GaGa… is entirely happy with whatever brand of water she’s given,” the Popbitches lament, a trend that would seem to go hand-in-hand with the increasingly stripped-down riders that have been posted to the unsealed-documents site The Smoking Gun lately. So what were the highlights of Popbitch’s findings? Here’s a hint (and a sign of how sorta-dull things are in the backstage world): Expect to find lots of pureed chickpeas.

* Security at Muse gigs are informed that most of the crowd surfing happens stage right. * Ladyhawke is very allergic to aubergines [eggplant]. * The Ting Tings will not allow any styrofoam backstage at their gigs. * Chico‘s rider at Butlins? Two bottles of Evian, and two blueberry muffins. * The Killers’ request for three pairs of pants was for one band member only. * Kings of Leon like ultra-balm tissues. * Dom Perignon is the only champagne brand acceptable to 2ManyDJs. * Hummus is this summer’s most popular snack * A blender is very important to Keane. They also need “Benecol drinks or similar drinks for digestive aid”.

Eh, at least that one guy in the Killers is keeping it real on the “outlandish demands” front. Popbitch [Official site] Kelly Clarkson [The Smoking Gun] [Hummus pic via Muhlberger’s Early History]