Taylor Swift Has A Computer-Generated Dream

noah | October 9, 2009 11:00 am

The video for Taylor Swift’s coming-of-age-thanks-to-boys tale “Fifteen” is out, and its heavy reliance on computer-generated scene-setting gives it the overwhelming feeling of a bad dream in which you’re transported back to high school, and you have to deal with all the insecurity-borne crap that you thought you got past after graduation and therapy. (Uh, you guys have those sorts of dreams, too, right?) I sort of feel like the overwhelming literality of the video and cheesiness of its setting torpedo the plain-spokenness of the track a bit, but something tells me that the clip won’t stop the song’s aphorisms about youth and love from being quoted at length on many teengirl Facebook pages. Clip after the jump. Also, is she really casting herself as the elder stateswoman at the end there? I thought everyone needed to save her from Kanye West! Man, the world sure is confusing.Taylor Swift – Fifteen [CMT]