Fall Out Boy Let The Dogs Out

noah | October 12, 2009 5:00 pm

ARTIST: Fall Out Boy TITLE: “Alpha Dog” WEB DEBUT: Oct. 12, 2009 ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: In preparation for next month’s release of an 18-track greatest-hits package, Fall Out Boy have released “Alpha Dog,” a fleshed-out version of a track that first appeared on the ziptape that the band released in the runup to last year’s release of Folie A Deux. Back then, I said that the snippet offered up by the mix was “stridently dancey”; the full track packs a pretty big wallop, with Patrick Stump’s voice front-and-center and a frenetic guitar line pulling the proceedings along. This track would have definitely fit in on Folie, but I’m kind of glad that it got held back until now, what with the band taking a break for a little while. WHERE TO HEAR IT: The always-reliable Bananas Music Club has a stream, as does the band’s official site, which has reverted back to its Take This To Your Grave-era design in honor of the forthcoming retrospective. Earlier: Fall Out Boy Have The Ticket