Apparently Today Is “Pop Stars’ Hair Is For Sale” Day

noah | October 13, 2009 11:45 am

What the hell: “SINGED strands of Michael Jackson’s hair that were burned a Pepsi advert are coming up for sale…. The hair was preserved after the accident in 1984 by [the ad’s executive producer Ralph] Cohen and the 12 strands are clearly singed.” Add these preseved tresses—expected to fetch about £1,000 at auction—to the locks from Elvis Presley and Pete Wentz that are up for sale, and you’ve officially got a trend. Although this entrant is more macabre than the other two. And it comes with its own account of how the hairs landed in the previous owner’s possession!

“And then, as Michael on his cue, was supposed to come down the stairs the explosion went off and the first thing I noticed was – he was about half way down the stairs – and I noticed flame emanating from his hair. “And it took me a moment to register what exactly was happening because there was so much lights and so many different things go on sic] it was a little confusing but I noticed his hair was on fire and I immediately rushed out from my position. “I pulled my jacket off as I was running and proceeded to, when I reached him, put it over his head.”

No word for when Cohen saw the dollar signs in front of his eyes, but presumably it was after he got his jacket back.Jackson’s burnt hair up for sale [The Sun]Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial (LIVE) [YouTube] Earlier: Hair from the heads of Elvis Presley and Pete Wentz goes up for sale