Would You Go See Creed If You Only Had To Pay 75 Cents For The Privilege?

noah | October 14, 2009 4:00 pm

A venue in Alabama is asking its (no doubt confused) local populace right now if it would like to attend this Friday’s show by Scott Stapp and his merry band of post-grungers for the low price of three-quarters of a dollar. And yes, that’s with the Ticketmaster surcharges. (Although you’ll have to plunk down an extra $2.50 if you want the convenience of printing your ticket at home.) Mitigating Factor No. 1: I’m not really sure how much it costs to park. Mitigating Factor No. 2: You have to hear songs like their new single “Overcome”—the video for which is below—after you plunk down quarters that could also be used on a fun game of Galaga. The cost-benefit analysis one would have to engage in before making this decision is a much more complicated one than you might think—the parking, the time spent at the show and in transit to and from, the beers you’d need to consume in order to make it an experience that’s at least “interesting!”

Creed tickets — just 75 cents — reach bargain-bin prices in Birmingham [Mary Colurso’s Blog & Column; HT Lucas Jensen] Creed – “Overcome” [YouTube]