Jon Bon Jovi Finally Gets Respect As An Artist

noah | October 15, 2009 11:00 am

Clearly hoping that the power of one conglomerate-owned network will at least equal that of Oprah Winfrey, Jon Bon Jovi has signed an exclusive deal with NBC and its sister networks like Bravo to promote his band’s upcoming album, The Circle, which comes out on Nov. 10. And this frothy cross-promotion even has a lofty title! NBC Universal—which you may know as the television company that decided to decimate the scripted-television industry by thrusting Jay Leno into five days of prime time a week—has declared the wide-grinning singer its artist in residence. Take that, music critics who have long dismissed Bon Jovi and his namesake band’s big hooks and anthemic choruses! Dude is an artist—even James Lipton says so! Bon Jovi will apparently be the first of many “artists in residence” for NBC, which seems to be in “throwing all its spaghetti at the wall in the hopes that something sticks” mode right now. The arrangement will include a Jon Bon Jovi-centric episode of the Lipton-hosted Inside The Actor’s Studio that will be sort of hybridized with Behind The Music, because it’ll focus on both the history of the band and Bon Jovi’s film work. (Guess I’d better rewatch U-571 to prepare.) He’ll also appear on the usual-suspect shows for musical guests—Today, Tonight, Saturday Night Live, that Leno abomination—and have a sit-down with NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams that focuses on his philanthropic efforts. (Whether or not this synergizing will extend to Bon Jovi nabbing a slot on Williams’ generally indie-centric music series BriTunes is up in the air, but c’mon, that would be kind of awesome.) Some of the scripted series remaining on the Peacock would seem to be screaming out for a Bon Jovi cameo, as well. C’mon, a Bon Jovi Law & Order: SVU in which he has a faceoff with Ice-T? A 30 Rock that’s all about Jenna trying to ride Jon’s steel horse? NBC, I can help you out if you call me! For NBC Universal, All Bon Jovi All the Time [NYT] (P.S.: I’m not really sure how the upcoming Bon Jovi movie on the Viacom-owned Showtime fits into this “exclusive” deal, but oh well!)