Today Is A Sad Day For The RSS Feeds Of Freeloaders Everywhere

noah | October 15, 2009 1:00 pm

Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul, the blog that somehow found every new piece of pop music as soon as the promotional copies were pressed, has been shut down by its owner, the singularly named, grammatically creative, often-agitated blogger known as “Vicki.” And it wasn’t a visit from Big Music’s legal team that did it! If her Twitter is to be believed, she finally grew tired of people caring more about getting their free-music fix than they did about her: “since you know of all & trust me if i die today & the blog was still there, you guys dont care just want the blog to update,” she Tweeted to a concerned reader. (Who was probably more concerned about where they were going to find the new Amerie single than about her, it should be noted.) A cache of her now-deleted blog expands on her frustrations:

Nothing personal against you guys, but I am thinking about deleting this blog when the contract ends with this server in December and it’s my decision, and I feel like I have to cause I try my effor to post as much as I can lately and what I get is “this link doesn’t work” or “I want this, but the link doesn’t work” or “can you re-upload this?. I am NOT a store nor a robot, so if the links are dead, go fucking buy it at a stores since most people know here,I don’t re-upload things. [ … ] I don’t know if I don’t see any improvement in comments on this blog then come December this blog might be deleted since why waste my time and effort in posting when nobody even cares to comment except when the links are dead. It’s up to you guys make the effort to comment or this blog will disappear come December. It’s not a threat either, I just want to see more comments/effort from you guys cause: What is the point of me posting when 1/2 of y’all are complaining and not even commenting on things that I post? You guys say this shit all the time about being appreciative and commenting more, but really it doesn’t mean anything to me since its always the same shit, but nothing no action and will be dead around here after this post gets bump to another page. Mean what you guys say or the blog is gone not playing around since I waste my time and that’s why there isn’t any update today cause why waste my time when there isn’t any comments and just be dead. Yah I rather be doing something useful with my life then waste my time on this blog that is dead most of the time and lie to my face about shit like being appreciative and commenting more when its just another lie since its never done. I bet when this post gets bump to another page, it will still be the same shit dead blog like the past month and a half…. Why keep this blog up and post and give an effort for when you guys don’t hold up your end of the bargain?!? I don’t know if this make sense either, I am not an English major here nor I care if this shit has 235982395 grammatical errors, and I am tired from a long day. So yah leave that out of this. So yah I don’t know what to do anymore its up to you guys what you want to do with this blog since its yours too, and I am open for ideas..

Apparently December came early! Note that this public quitting / Deleting Of Everything doesn’t really do much to convince me that she isn’t some sort of crazy mole put forth by the record industry—especially since she tells people to buy the music they’ll now be missing in the first paragraph of her tantrum. I’m just saying!Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul [Google Cache]musicgirl988 [Twitter]