Dave Gahan Nearly Causes International Incident By Just Saying Goodbye

noah | October 16, 2009 11:00 am
During the closing song of Depeche Mode’s show on Tuesday in Lima, Peru, concertgoers who had been having a fine time up to that point were sent into a tizzy when they thought they heard DM lead singer Dave Gahan bid farewell to the people of neighboring Chile—after all, as the AP helpfully notes, “The South American neighbors are historic rivals who fought a 19th century war and still argue over everything from their border to which country is the originator of pisco, a potent grape brandy.” A clip of the offending moment is above, with Gahan yelling out two sign-offs at around 1:03 and 1:43; in the latter farewell, he’s clearly saying “Thank you very much, good night,” but I have no idea what he’s saying at the earlier point. Listen and tell me this: What is he saying at the minute-and-three mark? Because really, the distortion and crowd noise are terrible. [YouTube / AP]