Remind Christina Aguilera Of The “Dirrty” Era At Your Own Peril

noah | October 16, 2009 1:30 pm

Last night’s Project Runway featured pint-sized belter Christina Aguilera as a guest judge, where she was given the task of figuring out which designer would best create a sequin-and-feather-heavy stage look for her. (Thanks to corporate tussling, it’s somewhat stale; Xtina was flogging her Target-exclusive greatest-hits package Keeps Gettin’ Better at the time of the taping a year ago.) The winner put together a gorgeous black gown festooned with feathers and sequins, while the rest of the field was, shall we say, less successful. Sure, nobody broke out a pair of glittery assless chaps, but one contestant tried to make Christina go “punky”—and his fabric-light look led to many a disparaging “Lady Marmalade” reference. (Damn garters!) Clip above. [Lifetime]