Vic Mizzy, R.I.P.

noah | October 20, 2009 12:00 pm
Vic Mizzy, a songwriter who was probably best known for penning the themes to ’60s sitcoms The Addams Family and Green Acres, passed away Saturday at his home in Bel Air, Calif. Mizzy, a Brooklyn native, rose up through the vaudeville circuit, eventually writing standards for the likes of Doris Day and Dean Martin. He provided lead vocals for the theme to The Addams Family, and gave the show’s principals direction on just how to snap their fingers while feigning boredom. In the ’60s, he composed music for a slew of movies starring Don Knotts; ater in his career, Sam Raimi asked him to contribute music for the DVD release of Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. A few of Mizzy’s compositions (as performed by Day and They Might Be Giants, among others) after the jump. “My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time” (performed by Doris Day)
“The Whole World Is Singing My Song” (performed by Issy Bonn)
Green Acres theme
“In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle” (performed by They Might Be Giants with Robin Goldwasser)
“Addams Family Groove” (performed by MC Hammer)
Mizzy was 93. ‘Addams Family’ Theme Composer Vic Mizzy Dies [Billboard] Addams Family TV Show Opening 1964 [YouTube]