Adam Lambert Walks Through The (Fake) Fire And The (Phony) Flames

noah | October 21, 2009 9:30 am

The video for Adam Lambert’s bombastic 2012 tie-in “Time For Miracles” is full of computer-generated chaos, as one might expect from a power ballad that’s a tie-in with a movie fetishizing this planet’s apocalyptic destruction. I get that he’s really feeling the plight of all the scared-to-death people who’ve been digitally dropped in around him, and I guess any video concept that took the restraint of, say, “More Than Words”* as its guiding principle would be more appropriate for Kris Allen’s debut clip. But all the super-cheesy CGI I’ve had to watch lately has been giving me serious eye-fatigue. (And after catching Taylor Swift’s clip for “Fifteeen” on MTV this morning, I can tell you for sure that the images thrown up by these clips don’t really look much more convincing on a biggish screen than they do in a YouTube window.) When will we stop the computer-generated madness? When all the machines responsible for this imagery finally crap out, and Big Entertainment’s corporate brethren realize they only have the scratch to replace them with used PCjrs? Clip after the jump.

Time For Miracles Video By Adam Lambert [YouTube] Earlier: Adam Lambert Will Not Be Restrained* Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris! Whose aesthetic was by no means restrained all the time!