Jay-Z And The Yankees Continue Their Hot And Heavy Bromance

noah | October 26, 2009 2:30 pm

Thanks, Major League Baseball musical-talent bookers, for balancing your first aesthetically semi-decent decision in years with some liberal fanning of those “Why do Fox and MLB and Bud Selig and the world hate Philly??” conspiracy flames that continue to persist among fans of your league’s current World Champs: Jay-Z, who’s been seen as something of a good-luck charm for the recently crowned American League Champion New York Yankees, will perform his blatantly pro-NYC hit “Empire State Of Mind” at Wednesday’s Game One of this year’s New Jersey Turnpike Series. “Thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee,” Jay told an interviewer on Monday, which oh my God aggghghghghdfkjdfghdklfjggksdfklasd;f234;545l;4645674 Ahem. No word on who Philly will book in retaliation for their first home game this weekend, but something tells me that the words “Bon” and “Jovi” might be involved, especially now that arena football is kaput. (Did I mention that this morning on the radio I heard a report from some Modell’s manager saying that Yankee fans had waited “a long time” for their team to get back to the Series? Let us be reminded that said stretch was… six years. Ugh, wake me when it’s pitchers and catchers, please.)Jay-Z to perform at World Series [AP] Previously: Jay-Z: The Reason That A-Rod Has Turned Into Mr. October?