Parsing The Pulp: Is Jarvis Cocker Really Getting The Band Back Together For Glastonbury?

noah | October 26, 2009 3:15 pm

File this under quotes that I wish had more detail about their inflection: Jarvis Cocker gave the following soundbite to the UK celebrity rag People, which filed it under “Pulp may reform for Glasto 2010”: “Glastonbury means an awful lot to me, I would love to play there again. We’ve talked about it, there we go, there’ll be a band reunion.” Now, uh, not to rain on parades here, but I have many questions about this quote! For starters, who is the “we” that had this conversation? Is Jarvis referring to the members of the band, or himself and the reporter? And as a follow-up, is that “there we go, there’ll be a band reunion” a revelation that the Glastonbury organizers have already done their cash-waving in the general direction of the split-up Britpop superstars, or a cheeky acknowledgement of how the UK’s gossip-page sausage gets made? I know what side my suspicions reside on… and hey, the NME‘s lede reworks Jarvis’ quote into “Jarvis Cocker has said that Pulp are ‘coming back,’ ” even though those two words appear nowhere in the 26 words quoted by People. Oh well, at least now I have an excuse to post a video, right? Let’s all meet up in the year 2000 (and ten), after the jump!

P.S. If this happened for real, I would totally try to go, duh. Pulp may reform for Glasto 2010 [People via NME; HT Popjustice] Pulp – Disco 2000 [Dailymotion]