Creed’s Path Toward Critical Respectability Hits A Speed Bump

noah | October 27, 2009 12:30 pm

Creed continued its promotional jaunt for its just-out album Full Circle today with a stop at Live With Regis And Kelly; the band performed its new single “Rain,” and, uh, well. Let’s just say that for a once-pummeled band that’s inching toward a full-on “hey, they weren’t that bad” critical reappraisal, frontman Scott Stapp sure did sound like he’d ingested some Magical Stay Out Of Tune With The Rest Of The Band beans right before going onstage. Clip after the jump.

I guess the guitars are kind of pretty, but… well, just for comparison’s sake, one of the “Creed Shreds” videos:
Which sounds better?Creed – Rain (Live @ Regis and Kelly) [YouTube; HT Ned Raggett]Creed Shreds! Funny Sounding Vocals! [YouTube] Earlier: New York Times Spearheads Creed Rehabilitation Project / Slate Rethinks Creed