Justin Bieber Puts On A Cardigan, Stretches It Out

noah | October 27, 2009 5:00 pm

If you thought that what this day needed was a smooshing-together of the verses from Akon’s “Beautiful,” the robot-stomp beat that characterizes inescapable pop jams like “So What” and “I Kissed A Girl,” and the chorus to the Cardigans’ “Lovefool” that’s been reworked so it involves a 15-year-old singing the line “oh-how-you-doooo-me”… well, Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber’s new single, “Love Me,” is the song for you. And if it’s not, well, be warned that it’s apparently the song for a lot of young ladies, as it was just released to iTunes and it’s already No. 15 on that store’s chart. So, yeah. Wow. Clip after the jump.

Fun fact: Bieber was two years old when the Cardigans’ First Band On The Moon was released! Also, I can’t believe that I’ve become one of those people who says “Kids today,” but seriously for real, KIDS TODAY.Justin Bieber: Love Me Some Cardigans! [JustJared via MTV Newsroom]