Someone Decided That The Sugababes Needed A Kingston Feature

noah | October 28, 2009 12:00 pm

Yesterday, a six-track sampler of the original take on the Sugababes’ made-for-American-audiences Sweet 7 leaked—the difference between this record and the soon-to-be-released album is the presence of Keisha Buchanan, who last month was unceremoniously booted from the girl group and replaced with Eurovision-tested singer Jade Ewen. The sampler contains the already-released (and underwhelming) “Get Sexy” and “About A Girl,” as well as one track that made me chuckle mirthlessly over just how badly the group’s handlers wanted to try and break the girls in the States. The Sugababes feat. Sean Kingston, “Miss Everything”:

Now, why did this make me chuckle? Not because of the song itself—it’s a trifle that, because of the three-headed hydra that makes up the Sugababes, is overshadowed by Kingston’s presence. But on the most recent single by Amerie (an artist who I have a similar soft spot for, and who’s proven fairly difficult to break in the States—the Sugababes’ people must have looked at the trajectory of Because I Love It when researching their options for U.S. market penetration!) she makes a crack about having a Sean Kingston feature-spot forced upon her in the “old days,” presumably by her former handlers at Columbia. Hey, maybe some of those folks are working on the Sugababes project! It would actually kind of make sense, given the way things have been botched so far…

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