Adam Lambert Stomps Around The Stage

noah | October 30, 2009 10:45 am

ARTIST: Adam Lambert TITLE: “For Your Entertainment” WEB DEBUT: Oct. 30, 2009 ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: The first “real” single from this year’s American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is the Dr. Luke-produced title track off his glamtastically covered album, and it’s pretty instantly recognizable as a creation of the Swedish producer: The stomp of “I Kissed A Girl” and “So What” is front-and-center, and Lambert’s vocals are electronically tamed. So tamed, in fact, that one wonders if the casual Idol viewer flipping across the dial and stumbling upon this song would only realize that it was the outlandish Idol if they listen really intently to the backing vocals at certain points. Kind of a curious choice, until you realize that the people in the Idol machine who are working on this album are not dumb; one suspects that they’re more than aware that the pop listening audience goes way, way beyond the rabid American Idol fanbase and are as a result prepping his album launch accordingly. WHERE TO HEAR IT: The always-reliable MJ has a stream of the radio premiere, and it’ll apparently be available for legal download later today. (Speaking of not-dumb moves!)