Shakira Engages In Some Bedroom Acrobatics

noah | November 2, 2009 12:00 pm

Shakira’s She Wolf, a fantastic album that will probably sink in the States thanks to its deliciously dinky sonics and its underlying conceit of being a record made by a woman who actually enjoys, and sees the fun side of, human sexuality (scandal!), has apparently had its U.S. release date rescheduled for Nov. 23, the pre-Thanksgiving Super Monday that’s going to be loaded with giftable CDs. (Also on shelves that day, which is more and more seeming like some sort of last hurrah: Rihanna, Adam Lambert, Susan Boyle, the value-added reissue of Lady GaGa’s The Fame.) Anyway, the video for the jittery, sigh-filled “Did It Again” is out, and it’s mostly four minutes of Shakira and some guy enjoying a very choreographed bedroom liasion. Clip after the jump.

Given the overarching funness of She Wolf, it’s hard for me to not wonder if Shakira is deliberately channeling the 1980 popocalyptic flick The Apple with some of that atop-the-sheets choreography. Specifically the scene set to the similarly campy disco track “Coming For You”:
Right? Right?? Oh Shakira, Shakira – Did It Again [YouTube via antville] The Apple – Coming For You [YouTube]