Today In Weird Press Releases: A Troubling Sign That “The Great Divide 2” Might Be On The Horizon

noah | November 4, 2009 2:30 pm

New in the Idolator tips inbox: A press release with the title “Scott Stapp Returns to the Top of the Billboard Album Charts With Creed’s Full Circle Debuting At No. 2.” Huh? Now, let’s leave aside the whole manner of whether or not the No. 2 spot is really the top of the charts. (I’ll actually let that slide by on a technicality, since this week’s No. 1 album was the This Is It soundtrack, which is mostly old Michael Jackson material.) But a press release solely for Stapp’s achievement, as it were? That’s accompanied by two solo pictures of the recently shorn Stapp leaning against a wall (looking mournful as usual), and no full-band shots? What does it all mean? It’s hard not to wonder if the Voice Of Creed is letting his band’s newfound critical acceptance get to his shaved head just a little bit…Creed [Official site]