If We Can’t Believe In The Idea Of Miley Cyrus Being In A Taxicab While A Jay-Z Song Was On, What Can We Believe In?

noah | November 6, 2009 12:00 pm

Not really understanding the lyrics you’re singing is apparently another thing that falls under the rubric of “just bein’ Miley.” An interview with Billy Ray Cyrus’ spawn reveals that the lyric in her Velveeta-and-Miracle-Whip single “Party In The USA” about hearing a Jay-Z song while in a taxicab is, shockingly, not based on real events. Someone else wrote that lyric, and she just did her job and warbled it through eighty layers of post-production. In fact, she’s never heard a Jay-Z song! Because she doesn’t listen to pop music! At all! Wait, what? When asked about what Jay-Z song was on the mythical radio that the taxi driver turned on in “Party” (even paraphrasing the lyrics puts the song right in my head), she pleaded ignorance:

“I didn’t write the song, so I have no idea,” she said. “Honestly, I picked that song because I needed something to go with my clothing line. I didn’t write it [and] I didn’t expect it to be popular, originally. It was just something that I wanted to do and I needed some songs and it turned out for the best.”

So cold! So businesslike! (So possibly written by a publicist?) So… non-partyish! Especially when followed by the revelation that she doesn’t listen to pop at all, and that “Party” is, quote, “not even my style of music.” Because this:

Is so different from this:

(BTW, that song is such a rewrite of the Pet Shop Boys’ “Rent” it’s not funny.) Jay-Z is too busy hamming it up with Bono and A-Rod to respond at the moment. Perhaps since she’s such an anti-pop type they can hash things out at a Grizzly Bear show? [MTV; HT Jeff Rosenthal] Miley Cyrus PARTY IN THE USA Video [Dailymotion] Miley Cyrus – See you again DCG [Dailymotion]