Britney Spears Celebrates 10 Years Of Breathy Cooing With Singles Collection

Becky Bain | November 10, 2009 12:58 pm

Which Britney Spears phase is your fave? Naughty schoolgirl? Snake charmer? Frappuccino-guzzling, umbrella-wielding, British-speaking babymama? (Personally, mine is the under-appreciated trucker-hat-adorning, K-Fed dating era.) Well, today you can celebrate all of Brit’s history with the release of (taking a deep breath) Britney: The Singles Collection (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered] now on sale on iTunes. This ginormous 58-song album features not only the singles, but B-sides and remixes of all of Brit’s hits. Don’t worry, you can buy each song individually as well, since you really don’t need multiple versions of the Britney Spears songs you obviously already own and cherish on a daily basis. Say what ya want about this girl’s personal life, but I’d gladly blast every last one of these songs at full volume while screaming out the sunroof of a limo.