Fergie Calls Kanye West “Gay Friendly” (But Not a Gay Fish)

Becky Bain | November 11, 2009 11:19 am

Not everyone is anti-Kanye West at the moment (and neither am I — he can interrupt all the doe-eyed, angelic teenage singers he wants, I’m still gonna jam out to “Robo Cop” on 808s & Heartbreak). Fergie had an interview with gay mag The Advocate and had wonderful, nice things to say about him that he’ll probably blog-scream about later.

Fergie credited Kanye, along with her fellow Black Eyed Peas members, for making hip-hop music more “gay-friendly”:

“They’re completely gay-friendly. Are you kidding me? Look at how they dress!” she joked to The Advocate about the guys in her band, adding, “Kanye West really did a great thing for hip-hop and made it very mixed and open.”

Girl does speak the truth, last time I went to a Kanye West concert, I saw every type of person under the sun there – black, white, gay, straight, old, young, and everything in between. Total Benetton ad. I sincerely hope Kanye takes this as a compliment, cause while some rappers out there find being “gay friendly” an insult (and who, coincidentally, are in turn being mocked by other rappers for the same exact thing), Kan’s the one raking in the moolah from every demographic.

And, contrary to belief, gay money has the same exact monetary value as straight money. I know! It’s not rainbow-colored or anything! Crazy!