Michael Jackson Continues to Steal The Beatles’ Thunder

Becky Bain | November 11, 2009 5:35 pm

Move over, Love: There might be a new Michael Jackson-themed Cirue Du Soleil show hitting Vegas.

The Cirque Du Soleil peeps (who I imagine to be French-Canadian businessmen holding tiny umbrellas while riding a giant clown baby) approached Jackson’s estate hoping to get Michael’s music for a live stage show extravaganza.

According to Showbizz411 blog, “The Canadian-based company is said to be working hard to convince all the parties that they can do for Michael what they did for the Beatles with the Love show at the Mirage Hotel.”

Hey, makes sense. Before his death, MJ and Cirque were rumored to be collaborating. Plus, everything and anything Jackson-related is a surefire hit, and besides, MJ and The Beatles have always gone hand in hand. Michael sharing a duet with Paul McCartney; MJ buying The Beatles songbook; the remaining Beatles desperately trying to get it back; plus the oddity of both parties continuing to outsell pretty much any other artist without even recording new music (hey, at least starting in December they can chart on Billboard’s Top 200). If The Beatles have their own Cirque show, then Boy George, Michael Jackson needs one, too.

My only worry is how truly horrifying it will be watching hundreds of gymnasts in skin-tight zombie costumes dancing to “Thriller.” It’ll be homoerotic, I’ll tell you that much.