Chris Brown Desperately Trying to Be Anyone But Chris Brown Right Now

Becky Bain | November 12, 2009 3:54 pm

We’ve got the intergalactic album cover where he’s ripping off Kanye West’s metro (are people still saying metro, or is there some newer, cooler way to describe a fashionable straight man?) schtick. Then he stole his style from Michael Jackson while performing at a concert in New Jersey. Still latching onto the MJ craze right now, Brown is releasing a new song on his album called “Bad.” What, “Thriller” would have been too obvious?

So what’s “Bad” about, Chris? He tells MTV News:

“Me and [Soulja Boy Tell’em] did this record called ‘Bad’ — it’s a nice little joint. I talk about this girl, [saying,] ‘She fine.’ So it’s kinda cool.”

Sounds cool already! We’re sold! And at least it isn’t the same idea behind Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” So what does Soulja Boy have to say about working with Brown?

“My approach to it was, ‘If me and Chris Brown ever did a song together, it got to be the best song ever. When people hear it, it gotta be automatic — be in all the kids’ heads, all the girls definitely gotta love it, all the females gotta love it. I was just thinking, ‘What is the slickest lines I could say to a female to make them fall in love with this record?’ “

So, tell us, ladies, are you digging Chris Brown as a “Bad” boy? Not sure we would have kept that title (the jokes are too easy, as exemplified in the previous sentence), but if it’s a dance song, it’s probably a smart move. Right now Brown needs to focus on good dance songs and stop reminding people what a jackass he is with tracks like “Changed Man.” (Not to mention he should send a giant bouquet of flowers to The Office for playing his song “Forever” on their incredibly anticipated and heavily watched wedding episode.)

Then again, is he really pulling off MJ’s moves? Might we suggest a new career as a Michael Jackson impersonator? Everyone loves MJ! (Well, now they do.)