Chris Brown Releases New Song, New Video, New Image

Becky Bain | November 13, 2009 10:53 am

Still giving Chris Brown’s music the benefit of the doubt? Check out his latest single, “Sing Like Me” (above, and also on his website), and also be prepared for even more Chris Brown today – he’s debuting his new video for “The Crawl” on The Wendy Williams Show today (which we now have after the jump). Same day as the premiere of Rihanna’s TV debut of the vid for “Russian Roulette.” What a coincidence.

“The Crawl” debut on Wendy Williams

“Sing Like Me”

This seriously makes us think that Chris and Rihanna’s labels are playing some weird, twisted game of follow the leader. Rihanna gives an interview on 20/20 finally discussing “the incident”; Chris Brown gives his own interview to MTV. Rihanna releases a preview leak of her album and a video; Chris beats her to the punch (honestly, swear to god, no pun intended) by releasing his own video and another song off his album. This piggybacking off of Rihanna (or maybe it’s the other way around? No? Yeah we don’t think so either) needs to end already. Best thing for both parties is to forget the other one existed. For Chris’ image, and for Rihanna’s sanity.