Justin Bieber and Usher, Total BFFs

Becky Bain | November 17, 2009 5:20 pm

Usher and Justin Bieber seem like an unlikely duo on the surface, but ever since Usher took JB under his wing and signed him to a new venture with Island Records, they’ve been showing up everywhere together. (Maybe Usher can take Justin to get his very first haircut!) Their latest stop was on The Ellen Show, where they both promoted their albums and basked in shrillness.

The 15-year-old Canadian heartthrob took a break from playing video games on the floor of Ellen‘s set to talk up his album My World, out today (like you needed us to tell you that, we’re sure you had today’s date circled in red on your Justin Bieber calendar). And just when viewers were involuntarily pinching at the image of his cheeks on their screen, he popped up to accompany Usher on “Yeah!” (Oh, you’ve heard it?) Usher’s new album Raymond v. Raymond is out December 21, so don’t go thinking Usher stopped by just to bust a move and sing Justin’s praises. Would’ve been interesting to see Usher accompany him on the Idolator-approved “One Time,” though.

Pretty adorable. They dance alike, they sing alike, at times they even talk alike. Think Usher has introduced him to Garageband?