Preview The Deluxe Edition Of Chris Brown’s ‘Graffiti’

Robbie Daw | November 18, 2009 9:33 am

Chris Brown’s “Forever” was one of the best pop songs to emerge out of 2008, despite the flak it received for its Wrigley’s corporate tie-in. And so, setting all scandal aside–if that’s even possible—it’s nice to see (or hear, rather) there are what appear to be two obvious successors to synthy dance number “Forever” on Brown’s otherwise ballad-heavy Graffiti. They come in the forms of “I.Y.A” (or, “In Your Arms”) and “Pass Out.”

Catch a video clip of all the Graffiti Deluxe Edition album snippets (via Amazon France) below.

Other than the tracks that have already done the rounds (“I Can Transform Ya,” “Sing Like Me,” “Crawl”) or the ones mentioned above, Graffiti sounds like its going to be full of pop balladry (“So Cold”), a couple mid-tempo jams (like “Famous Girl”) and—well, basically more soaring ballads (“Lucky Me,” “Fallin’ Down”).

There’s also sexed-up number “Take My Time”—which contains the classy lines, “Girl, when you step all wet from out the shower, baby/ I want you to lay down/ Just stay naked/ Now I’m starin’ at you for hours”—and the guitar-driven toe-tapper “For Your Love.”

Hopefully some of the more upbeat tunes are slated for singles. Though at the rate Jive is tossing out songs to promote this album, it seems like anything goes.

Here’s the full tracklist for the deluxe edition of Chris Brown’s Graffiti, as posted on Amazon France:

1. “I Can Transform Ya” (featuring Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz) 2. “Sing Like Me” 3. “Crawl” 4. “So Cold” 5. “What I Do” (featuring Plies) 6. “Famous Girl” 7. “Take My Time” (featuring Tank) 8. “I.Y.A.” 9. “Pass Out” (featuring Eva Simons) 10. “Wait” (featuring Trey Songz & Game) 11. “Lucky Me” 12. “Fallin’ Down” 13. “I’ll Go” 14. “Girlfriend” (featuring Lupe Fiasco) 15. “Gotta Be Your Man” 16. “For Your Love” 17. “I Need This” 18. “I Love U” 19. “Brown Skin Girl” (featuring Sean Paul) 20. “Chase Our Love”