‘Brick By Boring Brick’—Paramore’s Creepiest and Yellowest Video Yet

Becky Bain | November 23, 2009 1:24 pm

One day after America honored the Twilight soundtrack (led by Paramore’s hit “Decode,” with its autumnal video), the feisty Tennessee pop punk act is back with… an even more autumnal video. The otherworldly clip for the bouncy Brand New Eyes track “Brick By Boring Brick” appeared on the band’s website today, brimming with imagery that comes off as Alice in Wonderland meets Pan’s Labyrinth meets the color goldenrod. The weirdest part of the vid—besides Hayley Williams’ unnaturally natural blonde hair—is the out-of-left-field and slightly traumatizing ending. Watch the video after the jump, and tell us if you were as disturbed as we are.

And here’s the video of the making-of “Brick By Boring Brick,” in case you’re in desperate need of some behind-the-scenes answers.

Making of “Brick By Boring Brick”