Lady Gaga Tells Leno She’s ‘Okay’ With Grammy New Artist Shut-Out

Robbie Daw | November 24, 2009 8:49 am

Lady Gaga went on The Jay Leno Show last night to promote The Fame Monster and tossed out a few flip answers to the nighttime host’s questions. When asked how the nuns reacted to the music she performed while still a Catholic school student, she replied, “Well, my music was different when I was in high school. I was singing about love—things I don’t care about anymore.”

Leno also inquired as to what Gaga plans to wear when she performs for Queen Elizabeth II in December. Her reply: “Latex and fishnets.”

Watch the full interview and Lady Gaga’s performance of “Bad Romance” below.

Rumors had begun flying in recent days that Grammy rules would somehow be modified in the eleventh hour so that Lady Gaga could nab a Best New Artist nomination—despite “Just Dance” being in the Best Dance Recording category during the previous ceremony. However, yesterday Pop & Hiss, the Los Angeles Times music blog, reported that a spokeswoman for the Recording Academy said the ballots had already been returned for this year. No go, Gaga.

“Technically, just due to songwriting and things, I’m not a new artist,” the singer told Leno, brushing it off. “But it’s okay. I’ll tell you, the biggest reward for me has been my fans.”

Below is Lady Gaga performing “Bad Romance” on The Jay Leno Show. And is that a pillow shoved up the back of her jacket?