The Five Classiest Quotes From Ke$ha’s ‘Billboard’ Interview

Robbie Daw | November 25, 2009 2:24 pm

Oh, Ke$ha. Forget your current Top 10 hit “TiK ToK” or the one with Flo Rida that spent a bazillion years (i.e., six weeks) at #1 earlier this year—you had us when you started spelling your name with a dollar sign, using “Keshasuxx” as your Twitter monicker and taking classy snaps like the one above.

Lucky for us, Billboard decided to delve a little deeper into the Ke$ha mystique with an interview.

Here are some priceless pearls from the latest singer (real name: Kesha Sebert) to come barreling out of the Dr. Luke hit factory:

1. “I got [‘Right Round’] because I was being ironic. I didn’t make any money off the Flo Rida song—no one knew it was me.”

So, Ke$ha didn’t see a dime of this multi-million-selling single, but Pete Burns—who got a co-writing credit due to the song’s interpolation of Dead Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”—did. You know, in the grand pop scheme of things, that somehow seems fair and just.

2. “Whatever. I’m money—I don’t need money.”

See, she’s a good sport. With an attitude like that, Ke$ha is destined for $ucce$$.

3. “I think people can stand to take themselves just a little less seriously. I’m fighting the war against pretension.”

Uh-oh. Did you hear that, Kanye?

4 + 5. “If you come to a live show, it’s a sensory assault. You will leave covered in sweat, beer, glitter, and, just maybe, you’ll get a special edition Ke$ha condom. If it breaks, you have to name you daughter or son after me.”

This quote is so completely brimming with class, it counts as two. The Billboard interviewer might even be pregnant now just from hearing it in person. (In which case, she might want to check out the new R. Kelly song…)

Ke$ha’s upcoming album—which is tentatively titled Animals—is due out early next year.