Jason Derulo Slows Down ‘Whatcha Say’

Robbie Daw | November 30, 2009 12:14 pm

Jason Derulo isn’t quite ready to move on. Yes, the singer and songwriter has a new single, “In My Head.” But Derulo recently took to Twitter to trumpet the MySpace-exclusive acoustic version of his monster #1 hit, “Whatcha Say.”

Of course, Derulo’s use of the term “acoustic” is a bit arbitrary here. Basically, he stripped out the snare, added the piano and put on a tie. Imogen Heap sample? Intact.

Catch the tinkly new version of “Whatcha Say” below.

Truth be told, this piano-laden rendition (which features co-producer/co-writer J.R. Rotem tickling the ivories, as shown in the clip above) is a welcome change after hearing the original blaring over the radio non-stop for the past three months or so. But what’s next, another remix?