Justin Bieber Continues Path of Destruction By Embarrassing Cobra Starship

Becky Bain | December 4, 2009 12:23 pm

Justin Bieber is a smart kid. Sure, he can skillfully sing, dance, beatbox and play instruments like a performer much, much older than his zygote-age. But the real proof of this teen’s wit is that he already knows how to market himself—by starting a beef with other musicians.

After getting into a war of the tweets with John Mayer, Justin challenged Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta to a dance-off while they were both performing at the Jingle Ball concert in Sacramento. Unfortunately, this challenge was made before Justin broke his foot, which meant no repeats of sweet dance moves like this. Instead of forfeiting, however, he showed Gabe up in an even better way. The video results of Cobra Starship getting owned during their own set is after the jump.

WARNING: The high-pitched shrieks of little girls in the crowd may cause a migraine and/or deafness.

Okay, the kid’s no Keith Moon. But it’s still pretty impressive for a 15-year-old who isn’t a pro drummer. Even a gaping Gabe thought so: “Thanks for showing me up, Justin, I really appreciate that during our set…. I just got smoked by a kid half my size.”

Saporta later tweeted his endorsement of the rising pop star: “i back this kid on the real. legit.”

Actually, he  should just be glad he got served by Bieber on the drums and not during a dance-off, because if this video is any indication of Gabe’s moves, well, he got off easy.