Leona Lewis Unveils ‘Avatar’ Theme, Which Will Probably Be The Best Part Of The Movie (Which Isn’t Saying Much)

Becky Bain | December 4, 2009 2:07 pm

How many icebergs can James Cameron hit on his way to releasing Avatar? The hammy and confusing trailer started us thinking we may not elect to see the 3D epic once, much less the multiple times we saw Titanic. But now comes Leona Lewis’ vibrato-tastic theme song for the movie. Better start counting lifeboats—we bring you “I See You”:

Do we have another “My Heart Will Go On” on our hands here? No, not really, even though Cameron & Co. hired the same producers who brought the world Celine Dion’s taste-defying smash. It’s not a bad vocal performance from Lewis, but the futuristic track feels all over the place, starting out with very Imogen Heap-style processing and winding up like a tune left off the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Worst of all, you can’t dance to it.

Still, the song is likely to become resume fodder for Leona as she marches toward becoming the go-to chanteuse for recording overwrought themes for geek-targeted projects. Next stop for Leona as she follows in Celine’s footsteps: Vegas. Nah, The X Factor producers would never support that, would they?