Lil Wayne Time Travels In Leaked ‘Rebirth’ Tracks

Becky Bain | December 7, 2009 11:33 am
Lil Wayne (who’s very much still alive) unveiled two tracks off his upcoming Rebirth, the disco-inflected “On Fire” (which samples Amy Holland’s “She’s On Fire” from the Scarface soundtrack, but damn if we don’t hear the opening few notes of “Fame”) and the synthy rock track “Da Da Da,” featuring more bluesy guitar riffs than all of Wayne’s mixtapes combined. Both songs are (surprise!) Auto-Tuned within an inch of their lives, but we’re psyched that Wayne, in crafting his long-delayed “rock” album, decided to recall its 80’s incarnations. Check out “Da Da Da” after the jump:

“Da Da Da”

Anyone else thinking of this when they hear the title “Da Da Da”?

Rebirth is scheduled to drop in stores on December 21, but that could change at any moment.