Michael Jackson’s ‘Opus’ Contains Some Scantily-Clad Surprises

Robbie Daw | December 7, 2009 3:30 pm

New York magazine’s Vulture Blog posted today about tribute tome The Official Michael Jackson Opus, which was endorsed by the late King Of Pop’s estate and published by Kraken Opus. Among the private portraits assembled in the 250-page book, there’s much fuss being made over a particular painting by David Nordahl where a buff Jackson is decked out Statue Of David-style, and surrounded by a flock of angelic children.

But, before you jump to any conclusions, the kids in the 1999 painting aren’t all boys. At least we don’t think they are, upon further examination of the image. Then again, Barbie’s boyfriend Ken has a crotch as flat as a cookie sheet.

Here’s a clip of The Official Michael Jackson Opus being previewed by Al Roker on NBC’s The Today Show back in August:

The book, priced at a mere $249 on publisher Kraken’s site, weighs 38 lbs. Of course, this is hardly the most eyebrow-raising Jackson memorabilia to hit the market lately.