Susan Boyle Gets Invited To Perform At The White House

Becky Bain | December 7, 2009 4:57 pm

Seems like yesterday that the Jonas Brothers were burnin’ up the hearts of White House pop fans. But even Disney’s tween dreamboats may have to yield to the shock and awe of Susan Boyle’s global assault. As if notching biggest sales week for any album this year wasn’t enough to command respect, ever-reliable UK news outlet The Daily Express reports that Susan Boyle has been asked to drop by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for a “small, intimate gathering” during the First Lady’s 46th birthday party in January.

“It will actually be a double celebration because three days later, January 20, marks the first anniversary of the president taking office,” a senior White House aid told the Daily Express. “I would expect that a formal invitation will be made to Miss Boyle in the very near future. The President and First Lady absolutely love her voice and will be delighted if she agrees.”

If she makes time during her nonstop promotional tour, Boyle will belt out her signature ballad, Les Miserables‘ “I Dreamed a Dream,” which is probably not unfamiliar to White House advisers. Personally, we’d like to see any of the other artists on Barack’s iPod perform instead, but it’s Michelle’s birthday, not ours.

By the way, if you’re the type to only judge success in terms of Internet hits, SuBo’s original Britain’s Got Talent clip on YouTube is now up to more than eighty million hits and is the ninth most-watched video on the site. (Both Lady Gaga and Rihanna have her beat there, though, if not the charts.)