Madonna/Lady Gaga Dance-Off In Real Life Likely More Entertaining Than NBC Version

Becky Bain | December 8, 2009 3:11 pm

Madonna’s British accent returned just in time for in her interview with Ben Shepard of GMTV, the UK-based morning TV show, where she discusses a dance-off she had a few weeks back with herself-in-training Lady Gaga at a New York club. Showdown! Hip flexors extended at high noon! We can only presume the match-up proved more entertaining than their previous awkwardly timed, cringe-worthy duel for attention on late night TV.

Explains Madge:

“We had a party in New York a couple of weeks ago for my manager [Guy Oseary]. It was for his birthday and Lady Gaga was there and the DJ basically did a sort of a dance-off. The DJ would play one of her songs and then he would play one of mine and we both danced together in the middle and all of my dancers were around us. We just took turns dancing, too. I would dance to her song and sing all the words and she did the same to me. It was really fun.”

Say this much for Madonna, she’s generally been supportive of younger acts that wear her influence on their sleeves—she swiftly took Britney Spears under her wing when the teen began to hit it big, and now she’s more than willing to co-sign for Gaga in interviews (though even on Madonna fan-sites, there’s some sentiment that Ms. Ciccone’s real motive is to remain relevant herself). It’s almost surprising just how welcoming she is to up-and-coming female artists, given her famously fierce competitive streak. Why else bother with the constant personality reinvention and the strict exercise regime if not to vie against younger, blonde mini-models of herself emerging every year on the music scene?

Watch Madonna’s full interview with GMTV, British affectations and all, here:

And since we’re on the subject of Lady Gaga, hey, why not—here’s UC Berkley’s Noteworthy doing their all-male a capella version of “Poker Face.” (Though we doubt Lady Gaga would be caught dead in that outfit. It doesn’t even have feathers or spikes on it or anything.)