Jamie Foxx and Justin Timberlake Have A ‘Winner’ In New Leaked Track

Becky Bain | December 8, 2009 5:28 pm

Jamie Foxx started his career as a comedian, then became an actor, then a movie star, and lately he’s keeping himself busy putting the finishing touches on his upcoming fourth studio album, Body. (His timing could hardly be better—he just drew three Grammy nominations and his last Oscar-baiting role in The Soloist barely made a dent in the public’s consciousness—or their wallets.)

Truth is, as far as his music career goes, Foxx isn’t doing too badly at all: “Blame It,” from his previous LP Intuition, dominated the charts this year, in spite—or was it because—of its unhealthiness. Now he’s teamed up with Justin Timberlake for the track “Winner,” and although we’d prefer seeing this duo pair up on the big-screen in some off-the-walls comedy (we know they’ve both got the chops), their audio collaboration is pretty respectable, too. Check out the horn-blaring track behind the jump, and keep in mind that the third verse of the still-in-progress song has yet to be filled—may we suggest Susan Boyle?

[wpaudio url=”//idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/jamie_foxx-winner__feat_jt_-2dope.mp3″ text=”Jamie Foxx f/ Justin Timberlake – Winner”] So how did Foxx get Timberlake to appear on the track? Guilt. Via Rap-Up, Foxx explained to George Lopez on his late night talk show: “The way I got him on the track—’cause he wasn’t gonna get on the track—I just literally said, ‘Man, my people suffered for five hundred years.’ I said, ‘You owe me this.’”

Who knows if that’s how it really went down, but we do know Justin doesn’t come cheap. Speaking of which, how much is it going to take to get him back in the studio to work his own album for a change?